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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  August 30, 2013 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you know, the market. believe in yourself. have a great weekend. the willis report returns on tuesday. lori: good evening. i am lorre rothman in for lou dobbs. the administration seriously selling its best case for selling military force against syria as it seems more likely that any action will be unilateral. the president speaks out telling a lot war fatigue american public he has not made a final decision but the president says he is considering limiting a narrow intervention in response to what is clear evidence of syria's demand carried out a deadly chemical weapons attack last week.
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>> i assure you nobody is more worried than me. i also believe part of our a obligation as a leader in the world is to make sure we do have a regime willing to use weapons that are prohibited by international norms that they are held to account. lori: the so-called reset with russia they had repeated efforts for blessing against military action but british support stunningly collapsed yesterday the being free of its potentially as our only major partner. a new poll shows the nation is divided.
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50 percent of americans are opposed to military action in response to the use of chemical weapons according to the nbc survey. in age should say the president should get congressional approval first part of that is before its release the four page report with high confidence the government did use chemical weapons that killed more than 1400 people including 429 children. we're taking that up with john bolton who says the lack of international action shows a clear failure of leadership from this administration. and the crisis for the worst month of stocks since may last year we have the managing director appeared to weigh in on predictions that september may be worse. but a bomb that may have delivered, syria but secretary of state kerry
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made the most passionate plea for intervention within 20 minutes statement calling data president al-assad a thuggee and murder and james rosen has the latest. >> some cite to the risk of doing things we need to ask what is the risk of doing nothing? >> of making the case for nearly tailored it as grounds to make sure it is not repeating in syria the mistakes of iraq. >> we know there is no ultimate military solution. it has to be political. it has to be at the negotiating table. >> he also said it will be delivery systems for the al-assad chemical weapons to protect jordan and israel. >> matters and to all of them where the chemical weapons are and if unchecked
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, they could cause even greater death and destruction to the friends. >> the administration gave no indication it will seek congressional authorization instead kerry and his colleagues just talked about consulting with congress to get their input. it is a far cry from the position he took in the 2002 new york times op-ed he insisted before the u.s. could strike as dawn hussain the bush and administration must seek advice and approval from congress. >> rtc king the sanction of the congress? >> i will not further detail what those have entailed at this point. >> in jordan and in stempel turkey they've rallied against u.s. intervention than a senior issued another washington threat.
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>> if they make a mistake k.t. mcfarland will belong to the resistance. >> one of the regime's was less bold. >> if they attack us they give us only one option to do whatever we can to defend ourselves. >> for the first time day assigned a motive to carry out this attack. the intelligence report cited the regime's frustration at not being able to oust the rebels with conventional arms but senior officials briefing reporters also cited that al-assad had manpower shortages trying to free of troops from the targeted areas to make another push. lori: the world is waiting and watching for the administration to decide on action although much has been largely telegraphed telegraphed, pentagon officials are moving forward with preparations placing
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warships and other assets and to position for a potential strike. national security correspondent jennifer griffin has this report. >> with assets awaiting orders off the coast of syria complaining that news reports have given syrian president too much intimation about the battle plan but he did that themselves. >> it will not involve the roots of the grounder be open-ended or assume responsibility for the civil war already endure way. >> there are reports that there using prisoners as human shields and evidence has already moved scud missiles and other launchers of the bases one official tells fox it would have been better to strike a couple of days ago before they had time to react.
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secretary of state john kerry said intelligence shows the military is making preparations. >> we know three days before the attack the chemical weapons personnel were on the ground, in the area making preparations. >> but talk hegel looked out of step after the british voted not to be involved. >> we will continue to fight it international coalition that will act together. >> they want to know if they'll ask for additional funds for the strike. >> we don't have the funds right now in each tomahawk missile is 1.$5 million each in just a couple of those
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long would be several hundred million dollars. >> defense officials confirmed the uss san antonio marine amphibious warined the destroyers and other assets and it that it treated does not carry missiles with their 300 marines on board just in case. lori: here with his analysis we're pleased to welcome former ambassador john bolton. nice to see you again. >> good to be with you. lori: you are delighted to see the issue on the other foot that their president weighing a unilateral decision after bush did that with iraq. >> i think the president is potentially make a a big mistake the way he is approaching the us. i do not believe he has any constitutional obligation to get authorization from congress to efface of what
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happened in the house of commons yesterday with a stunning repudiation of prime minister care rents government i think the president is that political risk if he goes ahead with nothing more than consultations he has done. frankly i am opposed to the use of force i about looking out for the political interest of barack obama but there it is on -- as saying in on the takeoff and in on the landing if he launches the attack this weekend before congress comes back back, politically he will leave himself in a very vulnerable position. lori: that is fascinating. what you do about the 100,000 people already have 1400 people and 426 children died. looks like we go in unilaterally but it is a crisis in keeping clinton
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said one of the greatest failures of his administration was not getting involved in rwanda or cause of all. >> 100,000 have already been killed it is tragic 1400 more died with chemical weapons but as a matter of formality are they more important than the 100,000 already dead? of this is the basis for intervention why did it take 100,000? i have a very different view this is tragedy but the united states role is not to prevent tragedy but to protect american interest with our friends and allies and of those in the region can see their way to resolve this humanitarian disaster i don't think that is the function of the united states. lori: there are so many
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risks the fact the president in the secretary of state have given so much detail with limited strikes and no boots on the ground it will just trickles through the entire area helpful in a law making ourselves in the region? >> the administration has conducted itself with the attack that could occur any day now is i think it has convinced our friends and allies it is another sign of weakness by giving aside time to move their armor and artillery to a more protected position we risk everyday this becomes even less successful than the day before but more over their real issue is not syria as
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much of a humanitarian disaster that this is that the real threat is the iranian nuclear weapons program if the response is a cosmetic strike of therapeutic bombing, the lesson that iran will learn is we can do this with minimal cost it will teach the opposite. >> what happens next? looks like if they just get the inspectors out of the way and sounds the president's speech was so powerful. >> i hate to sound cold hearted but the presidency's he is in a box of his own making with the use of chemical weapons turns out to be a mistake he has looked very foolish he feels
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he needs to vindicate the red line that he drew so i think we will have a relatively mild military strike after which the president will declare victory moving back to domestic affairs he doesn't like the place he is in and once to get out as soon as he can add of his way not to
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do that that puts his own political position at great risk but they don't call me from the white house for political advice. lori: they used to. we ask you. we appreciate your analysis. ambassador john bolton. also much more with the latest developments with the "a team" wall street closes the books on august the worst month so far this year we'll september be one to remember? next. ♪ [ villain ] well mr. baldwin... it appears our journey has come to a delightful end. then i better use the capital one purchase eraser to redeem my venture miles for this trip. purchase eraser?
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lori: here is your moneyline stock's closing of the month
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in the red losing 31 points today the s&p down five the nasdaq falls 30 points a volume on the big board 2.7 million shares of the s&p 500 postings the worst monthly decline down four-point 5% the dow is off 1% gold nearly $17 an ounce settling in 1369 in crude oil fell $1.15 but in the bond market the yield is 5% a federal judge set a november 26 trial date against american airlines proposed merger doesn't decision has a victory that wanted a trial beginning in november the justice department wanted it to begin next march because it wanted time to gather evidence. the dow in the s&p have the
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worst monthly decline since may 2012 parker joining me now managing director, michael, what have been losing 300 points? >> restarted worrying about tapering. we still are. in addition we are concerned what about september with respect to the choice of bernanke successor. there is a great deal of concern of the federal budget and the locking of horns on capitol hill and the debt ceiling debate. lori: there is always something to worry about in this seems with a focus on the fed on the stimulus view forsythe as time we get back to fundamentals are price-earnings ratios are earnings reports and economic growth that will
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treat the matter? >> our belief is this is a good time to buy. use strictly by the sentiment based decline but in the midst of a great irritation you want profit-taking as we have seen this summer so expect volatility with a corporate earnings season and we want to see a bill by the end of october from congress the chose an increase in the debt ceiling and then we are seven very nice for a rally. lori: and historically this is a weaker time so with good you re-enter? >> in september by mid october would be a strategic
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time to do so you really do want clarity from washington i think it is important that we engage the pace of growth over the next year. >> getting think we won more clarity? there was a school of thought that suggested by the bond is selling off because larry summers will assume the position and could put on the brakes quicker than others? >> you are opening up of a can of worms but very briefly certainly kirk and larry summers is more likely to show intellectual independence less likely to be the abenaki clone and if markets remained weak the market will do the same thing in terms of easing i think he appreciates that quantitative easing it has had not as much impact but
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it is appropriate but if the economy begins to rebound with 2.5% on a consistent basis it is possible in their summers is more likely to tighten quicker. lori: we got the second gdp report a striking upward revision does that show it will happen before bernanke leaves his term? >> it increases the odds i am just not certain that he wants to do that he has built up quite a reputation and there are a legacy issues. lori: but would he say i opened the can of worms after the financial crisis and you want to send a message that he shuts the door as well that literally
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an open and shut case? >> it is not clear-cut but our view is it is just the opposite rebuilt his reputation nicknamed helicopter been before he was chairman taking interest rates at zero for the first time in history and created new instruments of easing. by when it is questionable if there is still a strong argument for keeping rates. lori: not as strong dated driven week but what do you anticipate? >> the market is 175,000 my view is 215,000 lots get the initial jobless claims the best over five years. it looks like the quality of jobs could be the problem.
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but i do think we get the jobs growth we are looking for. lori: nice to see you. thank you. added exclusive footage of the ft. hood shooter shows radicalization of the officer and chilling words of the death row inmate.
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lori: ft. hood done in hassan transferred to fort web -- fort leavenworth after being sentenced to death for officials suggest hassan will be forced to shave his beard we has fought to keep the for religious reasons and also obtaining exclusive footage giving insight into the weeks before the massacre our chief intelligence officer with this report. >> capt. hassan presentation at walter reed in 2012 with a cover on view was provided to the defense as part of the discovery process. he was hinting at civil
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legal matters at the specific direction of major hassan. it is the note with the entire video shows that he is asked about martyrdom provoking nervous laughter from the audience. >> it is have been. that is all i can say. in the video he gives a presentation ready they sell recommendations to reduce insider attacks. >> they should give them the option. objectors to increase morale as well decree's adverse events spin mckee is now sentenced to death here we talk about god and country. >> he talks about god vs. country it sounds laky is trying to explain how others might think if you listen you can hear him.
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he had already begun the process of radicalization and. >> a ticking time bomb his presentation went through several drafts was one supervisor describing it very lazy and a religious fanatic. >> a lot of soldiers are trying to join the muslim taliban after the the the military. there is something out there >> ralph peters found it chilling and disturbing. >> before would tragedy did not have to happen. major hassan had a significant accomplice when he pulled up the weapons to shoot those that ray incentive that was political correctness in the military. >> as part of an ongoing investigation his time at walter reed was a turning point. >> the only thing he didn't do was to say i will attack tomorrow.
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>> he was eventually promoted to major after the massacre nine army officers were reprimanded for leadership failures but there has not been a comment on the changes they have made in light of the case. lori: the video was chilling indeed. mexico and the drug cartel boss wanted in connection with the killing of more than 350 people in mass graves the former policeman and was detained in a border city. mexican official said he was responsible for much of the violence in northern mexico and would order hit man to carry out mutilation and decapitation. san diego long nightmare officially ends today that resignation becomes effective half an hour from right now.
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he kept a low profile today but his resignation comes after 20 women came forward with allegations of sexual harassment a special election is set of river 19. dopant -- done to doughnuts under fire after it ran an advertisement in blackface it was used to promote the charcoal doughnut one executive in thailand saying it was just paranoid american thinking but the chief communications officer has pulled the spot and has apologized to anyone that was offended. with the non-partisan tax policy center finding 43 percent of americans don't have to pay any federal income tax this year and that is down from the 47 percent figure made famous by a mitt romney last year election. that portion that pay no
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federal income tax will drop even more to only one-third of americans by a 2024. >> forget the days of finding a quarter ended york hello. kids will get an average $3.70 per lost to this that is a 23% jump over last year the going rate of $3 purchase so that means the full set amid the tooth fairy it will set you back $74. obama claims he is more wary but the eighth team is your has the administration made its case? is next. ll the action and hearing everything from our marketing partners, the media and millions of fans on social media
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it. lori: it united nations investigators preparing to leave syria after the gather evidence it related to the regime suspected chemical weapons attack inspectors will not release their findings immediately but the aba did ministration is suggesting their analysis will have no bearing on its decision whether or not to attack syria. we have john find a and fred barnes. wellcome for your thoughts on the secretary of state today and his impassioned plush? is sounded to me like we will engage syria sooner rather than later. >> but those analysts and make the real decisions almost no one in the intelligence community that thinks the president has handled this will and there is some ambiguity. normally they say this is what they say and they give
7:37 pm
alternate scenarios this one says the u.s. government assessment they concluded with a high level of confidence this is what they did in they will not talk about any other scenario. lori: and talk about the secretary of state because everybody knows he took center stage even before the president spoke was there something behind that? >> i am not sure the he has more credibility at this point than the president. you have that but my problem with carry and the president is the evidence of the attack of the non classified report was put out in what they have done is more the what the president plans to do. i have not heard a president
7:38 pm
like medieval to by saying of the things that he will not do. no troops on the ground new regime change in this will take long and a shot across the bowel -- the about but it takes the president to say to do as little as i can lori: but to zero and d you disagree is the president doing a satisfactory job? >> i don't think it is complex at all. he is not doing a very good job. weigela announce ahead of time all the things you will not do to give them plenty of time to put away and hide as much as they can and? the president needs to do more than what he has indicated just like the airfields' to ground the
7:39 pm
syrian air force. >> but it is complex because of the ripple effect the the debris in in that will burble israel right now. >> the president has telegraphed the entire strategy that is not a strategy by a group therapy session. [laughter] this is ridiculous. the president of the united states obviously has all the information in front of him. in his mind he foolishly said there was a line. we have seen chemical weapons used 12 times for but nothing until now that is when he has lost credibility. lori: but this is a unitarian crisis. >> has been to a man appears. >> but we are a country of compassion.
7:40 pm
i played doubles advocate so you have the rwanda situation in defeat this is different? >> what if we find after reebok the sites we said the we are not but we kill political prisoners? have compassionate is there -- is that? lori: what if 1 million have been killed? >> it is preposterous. >> when million killed? i don't think so but when john kerry of wind why this has to be done to deter the iranians, koreans come a hezbollah anybody to use weapons of mass destruction
7:41 pm
you will not do it with a slap on the rest -- wrist i think it is possible that obama could be setting up the syrians to pretend like it is not much at all than have a strenuous attack. lori: i do want to clarify to se people but to discover the situation is not what we expected as similar to the past catastrophes a human tragedies in recent history. thank you so much for your time. the future is right for the american economy the manufacturers renaissance. energy independence set to define the nation's new path to prosperity and we look at a crystal ball next. ♪
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lori: good news just in time for labor day showing that manufacturers gain ground with declining energy costs. joining us now with his helicon the broader economy the chief economist for the national association of manufacturers. u.s. has been in the news lately with better than expected gdp on second quarter showing a surprisingly strong upward revision because of growing exports. ionize signal for u.s. manufacturers. can you expand? >> in general they have had a disappointing year with industrial production is not what we wanted it to be or hiring is not the same. exports manufacturers talk about the demand of overall sales that we had good numbers in june for exports really helped with the gdp numbers yesterday that was a
7:46 pm
large part why it was not growth a lori: what industries are demanding this? >> anything with the durable-goods drive during on dash machinery driving overall goods and airspace but the fact u.s. seeing canada is really helping to drive investment in the west especially in areas like chemicals and fertilizer we have already seen the enormous investment already taking place that will pay dividends down the line. >> will this growth lead to a new job creation? >> there was a study last week that over the course of the decade, a 600,000
7:47 pm
manufacturing jobs minimum coming from energy investment but from increase competitiveness of u.s. manufacturing. beyond that, adding the service sector jobs, maybe 2.5 million jobs over the rest of the decade for the service sector. lori: manufacturing is cheap but is it cheaper around the world as well and if that is indeed being a faster recovery? >> one of the things we have been noticing the export growth has been pretty slow. we started tusis stabilization it also in china. but global competition helped them to improve their overall quality'' we have seen is looking at u.s.
7:48 pm
manufacturing is a good location will drive it to going forward. lori: thank you for this discussion. thank you for joining us. the great recession takes a toll on young adults forcing many to move back in with mom and dad we go back and talk about with the bullring kids next. -- a boomerang kids. next.
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lori: new fears high teenage unemployment is molding the last generation the thing heat -- figure plunged at
7:52 pm
30% near record though economists worry it could lead to a economic generation of stunted use with lower opportunities in the years ahead. the recession not only hits teens but also a college graduates characterized as the boomerang kids they forgo living on their own in order to move back kid with mom and dad whether to save money for a house or have mom do their laundry the number of kids at home is that the all-time high. with a psychotherapist dr. dr. robi ludwig to has partnered with coldwell banker real-estate. has to be more socially acceptable for young adults. >> it is not stigmatized at all that is very different from when you when i graduated. virtually nobody did over it was seemed odd.
7:53 pm
>> mine was get her out of fear. of put a frame on it. >> but i did not want to stay home but now you have a generation of young adults felt like the idea and their parents like the idea also. so we partnered with full well banker to say what is going on? lori: there are two different types of boomerang kids. >> those children the return home they live off of common data coming spending many like disposable income that is not a deal. then those that returned home with a purpose with an exit strategy, they are looking to save money to work for graduate school, a full-time job and are using this time to get their feet on the ground. lori: if you look at the
7:54 pm
macro picture you understand why that latter child will move all because the overall economy has to present gross but the rest has been dismal >> looked at the reality is. but then the americans look upon better if they save for a home or contribute actually doing chores and being responsible. there are ways that parents can handle the time that they do their job. we love our kids and of course, we want them to need us battle to the hour job as a parent is to help our parents lived successfully independently. the '20s matter. lori: you also keep up with some tips. it is a little tough love.
7:55 pm
you say they should for children to pay rent. >> life is not free so if you return home as an adult you put aside some money see you know, what it is like to pay your way. but i think it is keith. lori: i like your last tip with the target end date that it expires. how long? how much time to get your feet on the ground? >> it varies but for years is a deal but it cannot be indefinite you have to have a job i will help you live independently. lori: here are statistics that college graduates in may are looking at the unemployment rate of eight-point to percent but it improved greatly when you become 25 the next bracket only 3.4 percent
7:56 pm
unemployment rate so does hinge on your job opportunities? >> absolutely. also your approach. the choice is that you may even with a part-time job you can use those leading to full time employment. it is important to use this time to make the most not that i can be a child but the store says will impact the foundation of my future life. lori: to see this trend of boomerang kids sticking with us? >> it depends on the economy and it takes us longer to grow up that is why parents need to keep that in mind to raise your children to be successful and independent adults. lori: i hope my kids never leave i told him i want him to be with me in retirement. please join me each and every day.
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neil: you think you had a bad august, at least you have stock. this guy has no support, no friends, no support. so far no luck. welcome, everybody, i am neil cavuto. syria opened the wound, but it has been pestering for years. we have zero global credit. nobody respects us. they love our music, they love our food and fashion, but when it comes to eating what we say and follow what we believe, they do not. and they won't. the past few days made that very clear.